Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Ramblings

Hello and happy Tuesday people! Why do I feel like it rains every Tuesday? The weather was miserable today, tornado warnings and all! Thank god I started my day off with a good breakfast! Today I had egg whites with Nature's Promise organic waffles topped with almond butter and raspberries. I loved the waffles and surprisingly they didn't taste like cardboard. Not sure about you, but I could eat pancakes or waffles everyday.
On a complete random note, I follow emilynoel83 on instagram and saw she posted a pic showing how many lip products she has in her purse. Hmmm that got me thinking....how many products do I currently have?????

Obviously wayyyyy too many! What's wrong with me? I need to do a serious purging. This adds an extra 2 lbs to my purse I swear. What can I say, I like to have options...

Right now I'm cooking some somewhat healthy mac n' cheese right now made with butternut squash. It's a recipe I got from Cooking Light. Hope it's good!! Stay tuned for a recipe posting tomorrow!

P.S. Off day from the gym. :) I'll post my workout routine tomorrow!

How many lip glosses/lipsticks do you have in your purse now?


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